Our project will be exhibited at the New European Bauhaus Festival 2024 in Brussels. Come and visit us! You can find us as the Fair from April 9th to 13th.
Take part in our short 5 minute survey “Highway goes Boulevard” !
The Street Is My place for Action. Our first intervention aimed to restore balance among users of the Magistrala. More about our project

Since 2010, we have been focusing on reclaiming Magistrala – Prague’s speedway, an engineering structure from the 1970s built through the city center. Over ten years, together with architects, planners, artists, and mainly citizens, we are step by step transforming Magistrala into a livable space for everyone – into the New Prague Boulevard. Transport infrastructure resulting from 20th-century planning represents a significant element of public property that has the potential to empower the public realm toward a more community-driven democracy.

North-south magistrala – Informace k historii a vývoji zde
What we want to achieve

A friendly, urban boulevard for both pedestrians and drivers:

  • More pedestrian crossings
  • Busy avenue with a tree alley on both sides
  • Wider sidewalks
  • A live public space with restaurants, shops and cafés
  • Bicycle path for greater traffic safety
  • Activation of spaces under the viaduct